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I got my Mercedes-Benz 550 from Uptown Motor Cars, and it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. Kam and team are very welcoming, knowledgeable, and not pushy. They provided transparent pricing, excellent financing options, and a seamless buying process. The attention to detail, from the test drive to vehicle delivery, was exceptional. post-purchase service truly stood out their commitment to customer satisfaction, following up to ensure my ongoing satisfaction and addressing any concerns promptly,  I highly recommend them for a stress-free and enjoyable car-buying experience.

Rgds Asulv

Hi bought a Mercedes SL500, 1998 model in very good condition in October 2017 for Export. Very good service and support from Uptown Motor Cars Highly Recommended.


Thank you very much!! had a great car buying experience. I have bought several cars from Kam and would highly reccomend his dealership to everyone!!


The transaction was very smooth and pleasant .They have good quality cars for cheap prices.

Arif Sheikh

I recently bought my first 2001 BMW X5 4.4i from Euro Motor Sales. Kam, owner of this dealership, was very honest, open and cooperative. He personally took the car for 3rd party inspection. He held the car for me without even charging my credit card for the deposit. At first I was hesitant to buy out of the state car without even seeing it in person, but Kam made the entire process so much easier. Kam asked me to come down to Houston and see the car. He was correct. When I saw the car in person, it was way better than the pictures. Looking at these cars in the picture and seeing them and experiencing them in person is totally different. He provided me enough information to make the rational decision about this car. He even help me drop off my rental car. Please don't get confused by his deep voice over the phone. He is actually a very nice and friendly person. I'm an engineer and all I know is that some of these cars are complex machines and things can go wrong with them after you buy them, especially when they are used cars with over 100,000 miles on them. I think we take our chances on these used cars and drive them by only paying fraction of the original sticker price. I would highly recommend Kam and his dealership. Thank you Kam for the wonderful car buying experience. You rock Kam! I love my first ever BMW!!!

Rimma Scripps

After test driving cars all day at Carmax and other various dealers, Uptown Motor Cars was our last stop. I noticed that one of their employees was doing the detail work for a BMW M3 and watched him from inside my car while parked before entering the dealership. That guy busts his tail making sure the car is flawless and clean. He was cleaning in between door jams, in the crease between the tail light and the trunk, taking his time on the rims, etc... That alone convinced me to enter the dealership with confidence that the car I purchase will meet the high expectations I have for our new car. The difference between the BMW I test drove at Carmax and the BMW at this dealership was like night and day. I am convinced this dealership picks only the cream of the crop before their business even considers selling you a car. Long story short, I bought the car and I'm driving it and I'm loving it!!! Thanks guys for making my dream come true. Good job on the detail work that was done on my car also! Love it!

Jason Phillipson

I went to dealership, simply to look at the 2007 ML-350 and, two hours later, drove away in one, thanks to the superb salesmanship. they guys were extremely knowledgeable and informative and, best of all, there was no pressure to buy. And rest of the team was very helpful as well, but EMIN's manner and personality are what sealed the deal. Even if you don t live in Houston (I don t), if you re looking for a USED CAR, it s worth the drive to go to them and talk to EMIN.

Zamira Nizamova

My experience with UPTOWNMOTORCARS was positive. I'd been looking for a car for almost couple months. Finally, one of my friends recommended me to go to talk to these guys. When I came, I meet a friendly salesman Nick who was trying to understand what I wanted. In a couple minutes, the owner and the salesman started helping me since I didn't have any specific car in my mind. They explained every single car I could afford. They are very knowledgeable and honest. Finally, I left with used Mercedes-Benz ML-350 2005. Thank you guys for your help and a great deal.

Jose Vasquez

I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews about this company, before I purchased my car! The prices they had are very competitive, but the reviews I read were a little scaring me! So, I still decided to try them. I called and made an appointment to look at the car I wanted to buy. I arrived there and they met me at the dealership. Very friendly guys. I met Kam and surprisingly it was the opposite of what I read about him in reviews. I test drove the car, asked them to send it to the dealer for inspection. The car came out very good and as described. Of cousre there were some imperfections as you can find in any used car. The transaction was smooth and pleasant. I will definately buy the car from them again! Thank you!

Aaron R.

I bought a used Audi from these guys a few months ago. When I first showed up, I was perhaps a bit turned off by the looks - not a big, paved, lighted lot like many dealers - but the place was packed with very nice looking European cars from BMW, Mercedes and Audi to name a few. The prices were pretty decent, and the salesman took more than ample time to allow me to drive several models I might like. Talking to them you know these guys appreciate a fine automobile, and it shows. I didn't seen any cheap, worn out cars anywhere. Sure, no used car is perfect, and European cars are expensive to repair, no doubt - but my experience with these guys has been positive, and I can usually tell when someone is trying to sell me a pig in the poke. Don't let the modest look and location of this dealer scare you away. The big flashy, high frills dealers won't do you right like these guys do. Buying a car is never and easy experience, and some risk is always there - but give these guys a chance if you're in the market for a used Mercedes, BMW or Audi. You'll be glad you did!


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